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Annual Coloring Contest

We are excited to bring you the 10th Annual Coloring Contest! Last year was filled with beautiful imagination from the younger generations. It showed the talent these children possess and the great things that are to come from them!!

Does your child have talent? Do they just love to color?

We want their beautifully colored page to hang in our Exhibit Hall for all to see!

Age Divisions:
**Awards presented in each age division

- Ages 4, 5 & 6
- Ages 7, 8, & 9
- Ages 10, 11 & 12

**All participants will receive a participant ribbon

- First place: $15 & Blue Ribbon
- Second place: $10 & Red Ribbon
- Third place: $5 & White Ribbon
- Honorable Mention: $3 & Purple/Lavender Ribbon

Official Rules and Regulations

  • Complete the entry form attached for download below.
  • One entry per child
  • One winner in each division.
  • Participant must color page without assistance.
  • Participant may use crayons, markers, or paint.
  • Use your imagination and color the picture.
  • Coloring page is printable from this web page below. You may also email ExhibitHall@kcfa.org or call (830) 249-2839 to request a copy.
  • Entry and completed application must be hand delivered by 5pm, Thursday, August 29th to the Exhibit Hall Exhibitor check-in table at the Kendall County Fairgrounds.
  • Entry will be on display before and after judging. It will remain on display for the duration of the fair weekend.
  • Participants name and contact information will not be displayed during judging but will be noted after judging for public view.
  • Winners will be notified on Friday, August 31st. Winners can pick up their entry and prize money on Monday, September 2nd from 8am till 11am. Any entry not picked up by September 8th will be destroy. Prize money will be forfeited and entered as a donation.

Submitting Your Entry

Please print the Application Form and Coloring Page below.

***COLORING PAGE has been updated!! We look forward to seeing your work!

DEADLINE: Thursday, August 29th @ 5pm

Entries and completed form must be hand delivered to the Kendall County Fair Grounds no later than Thursday, August 31st, at 5pm.

For more information or questions, please contact Marilyn Culak at (830) 537-4096 or send an email to homestead@kcfa.org

Thank you for entering our contest! We wish you the best of luck!
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