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The Kendall County Fair Association is able to complete its mission due to our many dedicated volunteers. The Board of Directors of KCFA is made up of 21 dedicated individuals that provide governance, leadership and who donate on average over 20 hours per month working to maintain the programs at the Kendall County Fair Association. Each Director leads a committee that helps to facilitate the activities that make up the mission of KCFA.

Volunteers are needed in the following areas

Kendall County Fair:

We are signing up volunteers to help in all areas of the Kendall County Fair Labor day weekend! We need volunteers to serve beverages, admission gates, ticket booths, information center, exhibit hall, livestock show, parade and much more!! Give Lance Lira, Director of Volunteer Labor, a call today to sign up!


Fundraising Activities
  • Assist the organization as a volunteer during the many activities within the Kendall County Fair by selling tickets, serving food, greeting participants and assisting those displaying their wares in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Help coordinate the rental of Booths at our “Oma’s Christmas Arts & Craft Fair”, at the “Kendall County Fair” and at other fundraisers throughout the year.

Livestock Show
  • Help plan, coordinate and facilitate the livestock show at the Kendall County Fair on Labor Day Weekend.
  • Assisting the students who participate in the Annual Labor Day Livestock Show.

Facility Maintenance
  • Help to clean and mow the grounds.
  • Assist in painting, plumbing and the general upkeep of the grounds and buildings.
  • Help maintain the interior of the buildings.

Administrative Assistance
  • Help KCFA by volunteering as an administrative assistant for the facilitation of mail outs, filing, printing and other administrative tasks.
  • Help during social events as greeters and hosts.
  • Help by supplying food and refreshments for social events and donor appreciation dinners.

The assistance provided to KCFA helps the whole of the Hill Country community and you can make a difference in the lives of children and the citizens of our great Hill County through assisting our Homestead Heritage Program, Youth Agricultural Program and Kendall County Queen's Court Scholarship Pageant. Come and volunteer at KCFA and you will be able to make a big difference in this community.

Come help a great group of people fulfill the mission of the KCFA. Contact us and volunteer today!

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