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King Arthur Baking Company Cookie Contest

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
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When did cookies begin? Research shows nobody is really sure who created the first cookie. It may have just been a mistake in the baking area. Some cooking experts believe that many, many years ago, cooks wanted to test the temperature of their oven so they would bake a small blob of cake batter to see if the oven was heated well enough to bake an entire cake. The Dutch called these little test cakes a "keokje" which means "little cake". The Dutch brought this recipe or process to America from the Netherlands.

The term cookie likely derived from the Dutch version. England called these popular little cakes biscuits as do Australians. Spain calls them galletas and Italy biscotti. Almost every country has a word for the cookie. At the Kendall County Fair, we are going to go the distance and just call them GREAT!

All great things are worthy of putting our baking hands in the dough and competing for the bragging rights of making the best COOKIE! We are excited to bring you the Annual King Arthur Cookie Baking Contest in the Exhibit Hall at this year's Kendall County Fair. Get your flour ready and come join the fun!

Sponsored by

King Arthur Baking Company

Official Rules and Regulations

Official Rules for the Cookie Contest:

Age Requirements:

  • Adults (18 years plus)
  • Youth / Junior (7-17 years)

Contest Check-in:

  • Exhibitor must bring cookie entry and a $5.00 entry fee on:
    • Thursday - August 29th, 2024
    • Between the hours of 8am to 2pm
    • To the Baking Division in the Exhibit Hall.
    • You will be presented an entry number after your entry is accepted.
    • Age Requirements:
      • Adults (18 years plus)
      • Youth / Junior (7-17 years)

Official Rules for the Cookie Contest

  • Exhibitor must present an empty bag of King Arthur Flour and/or UPC Label from the flour bag when he/she submits the entry. King Arthur Flour can be purchased at HEB, Wal-Mart, Amazon and/or directly through King Arthur Flour web-site.
  • Contestants must follow the designated chosen recipe of "Coconut Jam Drops". Recipe below.
  • Entry of twelve (12) cookies must be submitted on/in a disposable covered container. Container is non-returnable. Cookies will be transferred to display plate prior to judging by Contest chairman. Entrants cookies will be displayed individually on the same likeness of display plate. Cookies will not be judged on presentation. Judging criteria points will be judged o taste, overall appearance and texture judging criteria:
    • Taste: 50 points
    • Over-all appearance: 25 points
    • Texture: 25 points
    • Total Points: 100 Points
  • King Arthur Baking Company and the Kendall County Fair Association will not be responsible for replacing lost or misplaced gift cards and/or ribbons presented.
  • Failure to follow any rule may result in disqualifications(s)
  • Awards Presented:
    • Adult
      • 1st Place - $75 gift card (King Arthur Products)
      • 2nd Place - $50 gift card (King Arthur Products)
      • 3rd Place - $25 gift card (King Arthur Products)
    • Youth/Junior
      • 1st Place - $40 gift card (King Arthur Products)
      • 2nd Place - $25 gift card (King Arthur Products)
      • 3rd Place - King Arthur Tote Bag
      • ***All participants will receive a participation rosette***
  • Judging will be on Thursday - August 29th, 2024 and will be closed judging.
  • Winner will be notified by phone and/or email after completion of judging.
  • All cookie entries become the property of the Kendall County Fair Association and will be on display during the run of the fair.

Download Rules, Entry form, and Cookie Recipe Here

Cookie Contest Director Information

Marilyn Culak
Kendall County Fair Association
c/o Exhibit Hall - Marilyn Culak
PO Box 954
Boerne, TX 78006

Phone: (830) 249-2839

Email: kmculak@gvtc.com
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