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KC's Kids Program for Kids with Special Needs

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  • To establish an engaged learning environment in a "special way" to honor the past, showcase the present, encourage and enhance the rural heritage and agricultural industries of Kendall County.
  • To empower special needs individuals of Kendall County to achieve their full potential after High School by helping to further their education.


What do you think of when you smell the popcorn and cotton candy? How about the sound of the rodeo or see the light of the carnival. In Kendall County most of us think about the county fair and the childhood memories we cherish there. It is sad to think of a child in our community not able to create these memories just because of a disability.

The Kendall County Fair Association's KC's Kids Program in conjunction with gracious sponsors and heartwarming volunteers make it possible for those children to just be a kid for once and enjoy the fun of the fair! It's not just any fair but one that is designed and orchestrated exclusively for them by the KCFA. Their smiles are infectious.

The objective of the program is to enhance the knowledge and appreciation of agricultural endeavors by enabling these special needs kids to enjoy and participate in functions associated with agriculture and the county fair.

Current Activities:

Community Outreach - Promote the KC's Kids Event held during the Fair to the community and other local special needs programs, encourage participation, distributing flyers to encourage prior planning and investigation toward possible individuals participation as a KC's Kid or a KC's buddy.

Enhance Participation - Promoting increased participation by expanding the number of kids we are able to host at our event annually.

Recognition of Participants & Buddies - Providing awards, photo sessions, photo and name acknowledgement in local newspapers, on our website and acknowledgement in the following year’s program.

Scholarship Program Information, Guidelines and Application for
The KC's Kids Scholarship.

We are continuing to develop an excellent strategic plan, business plan, and annual plans of action that solidifies our course into the future. We are establishing our approach to local corporate and private foundations for funding sources. We continue to make presentations and donation requests to local community organizations and business to continue and enhance our program. We are confident that these efforts will increase our community participation, donor base, client participation and our volunteer base.

KC's Kids Scholarship Program

Scholarship Application criteria and additional information:

Eligibility Criteria & Required Documents for submission:
  1. The applicant must be a 2024 school year graduating Senior from Boerne High School, Champion High School, Comfort High School, any private or home school program from Kendall County.
  2. Must be a member of the Kendall County Fair Association.
  3. Must complete a KC's Kids Scholarship Application.
  4. Proof of enrollment in Special Education must be provided from the school they are enrolled in.
  5. We require 3 letters of personal reference which should come from the following individuals:
    • One recommendation letter must be from a Special Education instructor from a school attended in the previous 12 months.
    • One recommendation letter must be from a General Education instructor from a school attended in the previous 12 months.
    • One recommendation letter must be from a personal or community reference.
    • **IMPORTANT NOTE: Recommendation letters should not be written by a relative, which is defined as a parent, grandparent or sibling.
  6. Must submit either a 3-5 minute video essay (on flash drive) or a minimum 100 word written on: "Why I feel I should be granted the KC's Kids Scholarship ".
  7. The applicant must be a citizen of the U.S., a resident of Kendall County and never been convicted of a criminal offense.
  8. Scholarship application packet including all information above must be completed and postmarked on or before May 1, 2024 to:
Kendall County Fair Association, Inc.
c/o KC's Kids Scholarship
Attn: Patti McCreless
P.O. Box 954
Boerne, Texas 78006

Scholarship Award Information:
  1. Scholarship will be allotted on the basis of his or her application's qualifying criteria points. Selection of the recipient(s) will not be based on sex, race, religion, financial need and/or class rank or scholastic major.
  2. Applicant must select an accredited college, university, licensed trade school or licensed continued education.
  3. Scholarship awarded must be used for tuition, class, laboratory fees and/or textbooks.
  4. Scholarship check will be issued to the continued education program, trade school, college or university being attended following receipt showing proof of enrollment and a statement showing the amount owed.
  5. Scholarship recipient is responsible for providing this information to the secretary of the KCF before any payments will be remitted to a continued education program, trade school, college, university or individual.
  6. Scholarship funds must be requested within a three (3) year period from August of the year in which you graduated from high school. (For this year it would be 3 years from August 2024.) Unused amounts after this time are returned to the KCFA's KC's Kids Scholarship fund.


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