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Kendall County Equine Boarding

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We have 2 large horse barns filled with right at 100 horse stalls. When you choose to board with us you have self-service access to the stall areas. The horse area is completely gated with an electric private entrance. We offer a lighted round pen and a wash area. As a courtesy, we currently allow access to the some areas of the Fair Grounds for riding as well as the rodeo arena when it’s not in use by an event. You are across the street from the nature center where many love to take their horses on a trail ride including down through the creek. It’s a great community of boarders where lasting friendships are made.

The stalls are 12ft x 12ft. The round pen is 50 ft. in diameter and lighted. Wash area is nearby. As a courtesy, we currently allow access to use the 140' x 280' arena when it's not in use by an event, as well as access to the 55 acres of riding area on the Fair Grounds. This is what you get for $100 a month.

Contact Information:

Billy or Gayle Shussler


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