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KCFA Livestock Show

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Welcome to the 2021 KCFA Livestock Show!

We would like for you to join us for some good wholesome family fun and help keep our agricultural traditions alive!! Send in your entry today for the 2021 Kendall County Fair Livestock Show!!

***Make sure to read the Updated 2021 Rules***

Saturday, September 4th
- 7:15 am: Lamb & Goats - Weigh & Check in begins by the committee.
- 8:00 am: Lamb & Goats - MUST be in line no later than 8 am to weigh & check in.

- 10:00 am: Lamb/Goat Show begins
- Prior to 4 pm: Heifer Check-In
- Prior to 4 pm: Steer Check-In
- 5 pm: Heifer Age/Breed Paperwork Due
- 5 pm: Steer Weigh-In

Sunday, September 1st
- 8:30 am: Poultry Check-In
- 10:00 am: Poultry Show begins
- 10:00 am: Heifer Show begins
- Steer Show will follow Heifer show

Lambs: Dan Vestal
Goats/Steers/Heifers: Timbo Tatsch / Michelle Tatsch

Livestock Contestants - Kendall County Fair Admission Arm Bands:

Arm Bands are issued daily, and only for the day you are at the livestock show. You must be present to receive your arm band(s). Each Contestant will be issued 1 Livestock Parking Pass. Please park in the designated area, remember to be courteous and park neatly.

**Armbands are based on number of entries and contestants.
- 1-4 entries (2 arm bands)
- 4-9 entries (3 arm bands)
- 10+ (4 arm bands)
Livestock bands are only valid during the show and will only get you in the livestock gate.

How to sign up!!

Unfortunately, we're not able to offer online sign up this year for the Livestock show. Below you will find an "Entry Form", which you can print. We encourage mail in entries, but your free to bring directly the day of the show. You'll also find a printable copy of the rules and guidelines.

Please mail your forms to:

Kendall County Fair Association
Attn: Livestock Director
PO Box 954
Boerne, Tx 78006

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Kevin Edmondson or Glenda Boerner via email at livestock@kcfa.org.
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