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12th Annual Apple Pie Contest 2018

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We were excited to bring you the 12th Annual Apple Pie Contest! The last 10 years have been filled with excitement and lots of different recipes with very different tastes! Whether it’s your grandma’s recipe that’s been in the family for centuries or one you created yourself, we loved trying your pie.

We have people asking months in advance to be a judge of the Apple Pie Contest. There is so much thrill to watch as the judges evaluate each pie and try each piece. After the event is over, they are signing up to get that recipe! Everyone loves a great apple pie.

Do you think YOU can win next year’s event or know someone that could? Then sign up in 2018 with the convenience of an online registration! We are excited to have you and the judges will be waiting for your pie!

Sponsored by

Heritage Place of Boerne

Official Rules and Regulations

  • Contest is open to all residents of Kendall County, except for professional bakers.
  • Pie(s) must be home made from scratch to include filling and crust.
  • Pie(s) must be freshly baked in a 9 inch disposable baking tin.
  • Pie(s) must be 60% apples. However the filling may include other fruits or ingredients. No store bought canned pie filling, store bought pie shells or rolled crusts allowed.
  • Pie(s) must be two crusted and/or crumbed crusted topping.
  • Pie(s) recipe(s) must be typed or legibly hand written or printed on a 5"x8" index card. All ingredients must be listed and entrants name must not be listed.
  • Pie(s) and recipe(s) must be checked in on Sunday, September 6th, 2015 from 9am till 11am.
  • A Non-refundable entry fee of $10 and entry form must accompany the entry. If entering online, please bring a copy of your receipt with your pie instead of the above.


Pie(s) will be judged before initial slicing on overall appearance for 15 points and 10 points for creativity. After slicing, pie(s) will be judges on crust for 20 points, 25 points for filling and 30 points for flavor.

Judging begins at 2pm and is open to the public. The Kendall County Fair Association will select the panel of judges. Judges will use a scoring scale point system of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest point) to assess entries with a perfect score of 100. Scoring will be the sole responsibility of the judges and the judges results will be final. Judges sheets will be available to entrants upon request after contest.

The Days Event

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Four judges had the "Apple" of a time picking the winners of this year's great Apple Pie Contest! All of the pies were winners with only a small margin of points separating them.
We want to thank all of the participants for joining us this year!
To the right are some random photos from the day's events. We hope you join us next year!


Apple Pie Contest Director Information

Marilyn Culak
Kendall County Fair Association
c/o Exhibit Hall - Marilyn Culak
PO Box 954
Boerne, TX 78006

Phone: (830) 249-2839

Email: kmculak@gvtc.com
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