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Oma's Christmas Fair 2017

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*** Saturday - December 2nd & Sunday - December 3rd ***

We are excited to present the 34th Annual Oma's Christmas Fair.

Oma's Christmas Fair is an Original Hand Crafted & Handmade Show. It features three buildings of exciting and unique merchandise produced and showcased by approximately one hundred vendors locally and from across Texas.

The family oriented fair will also feature Santa Land of which features visits and FREE photos with Santa. Lunch with Santa on Sunday and many activities for the children to include a coloring contest on Saturday and Sunday.

A Bake Sale will be featured with ever loved home baked goods!!

Concessions are also available featuring the traditional "Potato Soup" among other items. We will also have food vendors with other varieties of food.

We are hosting a raffle for a $1000 Visa Gift Card! $20 per raffle ticket for a chance to win. Click Here to purchase your raffle ticket!

We are now accepting applications and assigning halls and spaces. All vendors signing up will be placed in a vendor space on a first come first serve basis. The only exception to this rule is returning vendors who presented a deposit last year to reserve your selected space.

Below you will find the 2017 Oma's Online Vendor Application. To secure your booth space, you must submit the below online application and either your deposit or full payment.

If you are a returning vendor and submitted your deposit in December 2016 then your Application and Letter Of Agreement (Included in the online application) must be received by October 1,2017 to secure your booth(s) as you requested. If your Application and Letter Of Agreement is not received by October 1,2017 then you forfeit your requested booth selection and your $20.00 deposit will be refunded if you opt not to participate in the 2017 Oma's.

Thank You for applying for 2017 Oma's Christmas Fair as a vendor. Again please read and review the Application and Letter Of Agreement. If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

Marilyn Culak-830-537-4096 or omas@kcfa.org.

Kendall County Fair Association, Inc. An IRS Designated 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization

Sign up to be a Vendor!

Oma's Vendor Registration Form

First Name
Last Name
Email Address


Business Name / DBA
First Name
Last Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code
Phone Number
MAKE SURE TO FILL OUT ALL BOLD FIELDS!  These are required in order to submit your form.  ALSO - please make sure to click the "Terms and Conditions" box at the bottom of the form.  
Please enter Quantity for each item chosen.
10 x 10 Booth with NO Electricity
Enter the number of spaces needed
10 x 10 Booth with Electricity
Enter QTY as 1 for a 10 x 10 booth. If you need a larger booth, please choose the appropriate size from the selection list.
Extra Table Rental per Table
First come first serve
Food Permit Needed
Fee Required if you need a Food Permit
Overnight RV Self-Contained Space per Night
Type of Business / Products
Please describe the items you will be selling.

Company Information

Website URL
Previous Vendor

Booth confirmed with Marilyn Culak? Have you confirmed your booth with Marilyn Culak?


Please type your full legal name below to sign.
The Participant Agrees:  
* I Agree For Services Provided By The Association After Acceptance Of My Application For Oma’s To Include A Booth Approximately 10x10 In Size To Include (1) One 8 Foot Table And (2) Folding Chairs And I Will Use No Nails, Tack, Or Staples On Table(s) Provided Or Rented To Me During Any Day Or Time Of The Show.  
*I Agree The Kendall County Fair Association Will Advertise Oma’s And The Association Is Not Responsible For Errors Or Omissions In Any Advertising And The Association Does Not Guarantee Vendors Success And Will Not Be Held Liable. As A Vendor I Am Encouraged To Advertise Oma’s Along With My Merchandise As Well.
*I Agree The Kendall County Fair Association Will Provide Security For Friday And Saturday Nights For All Three Halls To Include The Complete Grounds At The Kendall County Fairgrounds Until Members Of The Oma's Committee Returns Saturday And Sunday Morning.
*I Agree The Association Will Have The Halls Open At 6:00 A.M. On Saturday And Sunday For Courtesy To Vendors Providing Complementary Coffee And Doughnuts For Vendors Until 9:00 A.M. Breakfast Tacos Will Be Available In The New Hall Concession Area For A Fee During The Same Time Frame.  
*I Agree To Pay $85.00 Per Booth Booth Submitted With My Application.
*I Agee That If I Decide To Cancel Then My Payment(s) Will Be Under Review Of Oma's Committee Before  Refund Is Approved And May Take Up To Three Weeks To Process.
* I Agree If  Bad Weather Is A Participation Factor  On Any Show Day(s) Then I Must Contact Marilyn Culak By Phone 210-488-6878 Or Email kmculak@gvtc.com  To Receive A Cancellation Approval Before Any Payment Can Be Considered For A Refund.  
*I Agree That I Am Allowed To Check In And Set Up In My Assigned Hall Beginning On Friday-December 5th, 2014 From 11:00 A.M. Till 8:00 P.M. And On Saturday-December 6th 2013 From 6:00 A.M. Till 7:00 A.M. .I Understand I Can Set Up Earlier If Agreeable With The Oma's Committee And The Committee Has Been Notified Twenty Four Hours In Advance.
*I Agree To Sell And Allow To Be Sold 100% Original Handmade/Handcrafted  Merchandise To Whom The Booth Is Registered Or A Member Of My Immediate Family.  
*I Agree The Kendall County Fair Association, Inc. Has The Right To Remove Any Vendor And/Or Vendor Merchandise Item(s) In Violation Of Decency And Eligibility Rules During Any Time Before And/Or During The Craft Fair.
*I Will Not Sell My Assigned Space Or Share With A Non-Juried Crafter And I Allow The Kendall County Fair Association To Reserve The Right To Reject Any Person Or Craft If Misrepresented, As Determined By The Craft Fair Committee.
*I Will Set Up My Booth In A Safe And Attractive Manner In My Assigned Space Without Any Portion Of The Booth Being In Another Vendor’s Assigned Space And My Booth During The Fair Will Reflect What Is Represented In My Submitted Application Photo’s.
*I Will Be Present And Have My Booth Open At Show Time Each Day And Agree Not To Close Booth Before End Of Show Time Each Day And Will Keep My Booth Open The Entire Time The Craft Fair Is Open. Oma's Hours Are From 9:00 A.M Till 5:00 P.M. On Saturday And From 10:00 A.M. Till 5:00 P.M. On Sunday. Failure To Comply Will Eliminate Me From Acceptance In Any Future Oma’s Christmas Fairs.
*I Agree To Provide My Own Display Equipment, Extension Cords, Extra Tables And/Or Chairs, Table Covers And/Or Table Skirting If I So Desire To Not Rent Extra Table(s).  
*Tent Frames  For Showcasing And Displaying Merchandise Will Be Allowed Only In The Exhibit Hall Building Only. Tent Frames Must Have A Top Attached Only. No sides.  
* I Will Not Operate Any Sound Equipment Of Any Kind That May Disturb The Customers Or Other Vendors.
*I Have The Option To Donate Merchandise From My Booth For A Door Prize. If I So Desire To Donate Merchandise I Will Attach Two Business Cards. One Business Card Will Be For Oma’s Records And The Other Business Card Must Be Attached To The Donation. On The Attached Card Please List Your Booth Location And Number. 
*I Will Be Responsible For Collection And Reporting Of Sales Tax And Compliance With All Federal, State, And Local Laws, Statues And Ordinances.  
*I Further Agree To Comply With All Applicable Federal, State, And Local Laws, Regulations, Rules And Ordinances, Including But Not Limited To Laws, Regulations Outlawing Discrimination Based Upon Race, Gender, Color, Creed, Ethnicity, National Origin, Religious Beliefs, Sexual Orientations Or Disability And Further Recognize That The Kendall County Fair Association Inc. May Enforce Same By Terminating The Letter Or Agreement With Offending Vendor.  
*I Agree Oma’s Is A Smoke Free Environment Show Therefore No Smoking Will Be Allowed In Any Of The Three Buildings During The Show. Smoking Will Be Allowed In Smoking Designated Areas For Vendors And/Or Patrons. Rule Will Be Enforced.  
*I Agee The Kendall County Fair Association, Inc. Does Not Provide Insurance For Any Vendor And Will Not Be Held Liable For Any Accident, Damage, Injury, Theft Or Any Other Cause To Merchandise, Displays Or Persons. I Understand And Agree That The Kendall County Fair Association Does Not Offer Or Accept Responsibility For Persons Or Property At Any Time.
*I Agree That My Name And Any Photo(s) Taken During Oma's That Are Related To My Booth May Be Printed In Any Publication Or Presented In Any Social Media To Include Our Web-site www.kcfa.org www.Used Only For News Reporting And/Or For Promotion Of The Current Oma's Christmas Fair Or Any Future  Oma's Christmas Fair, The Photo And Your Name Will Never Be Used In Any Inappropriate Manner.  
*I Agree That In Performing The Services Included In This Agreement, Each Vendor Shall Be An Independent Contractor And Not An Employee Of The Kendall County Fair Association, Inc. Or Of The County Of Kendall. It Is Understood That A Vendor Executing This Letter Of Agreement Is Agreeing That All Of The Services To Be Performed Under This Agreement Shall Be Performed By The Specified Vendor, Their Business Associate, Who Are Fully Bound By The Terms Of This Letter Of Agreement, And By No Other Entity Or Person.
*I Recognize And Grant The Kendall County Fair Association, Inc. Authority To Terminate This Agreement And My Permission To Participate In The Oma’s Christmas Fair And Conduct Sales At The Kendall County Fair Association, Inc. Grounds Location, If I Violate Any Of The Above Policies And Guidelines Or If I Fail To Comply With Any Other Procedure Or Requirements Determined Necessary By The Kendall County Fair Association, Inc.
*Indemnification: Vendor(s) Shall Indemnify And Hold The Kendall County Fair Association Harmless From Any And All Damages, Losses, Accidents, Or Liabilities Resulting From Any Claims, Demands, Suits, Or Other Legal Actions Based On Or Arising Out Of Vendors Occupation Or Use Of Booth Space, Installation, Operation, Or Removal Of Merchandise, Including But Not Limited To All Claims And Demands Of Vendors Or Any Third Party, Their  Agents, Employees, Representatives, Customers And Guests, For Injury To Persons Or Property (including theft or mysterious disappearance of persons or property) Arising By Virtue Of Any Occurrence In The Vendor Booth Space Or Show Site, Including All Parking Areas In Proximity To The Craft Show During The Terms Of This Agreement And Any Period During Which Vendor Is Moving Into Or Out Of The Craft Show Site.
These are the terms and conditions  


That's ok! Below is a PDF version of the online application. Please print all forms, fill out completely and mail to:
Kendall County Fair Association
Attn: Marilyn Culak
PO Box 954
Boerne, TX 78631
Thank You for submitting your application to be a vendor at the 2017 Oma's Christmas Fair. If you have any questions please feel free to contact:
Marilyn Culak
Phone: (830) 537-4096
Email: Marilyn@kcfa.org
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