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Shane Boerner


Shane is a 4th year director, who has been volunteering with the KCFA since 2009 in many fashions. He is a local business owner, who brings over 20 years of experience with welding, construction, and mechanics as well as ranching. He is a Kendall County native raised in Comfort, Tx. He and his wife, Glenda also raised their children Kyle, Tiffany and Austin in Kendall County. During his involvement with the KCFA, he has contributed hundreds of man hours and equipment to maintain, and improve the rodeo arena, halls and fair grounds. As a director he has managed several areas of the organization such as the Logistics Director, Rodeo Director and Asst. Horse Barn Director. In 2015, he accepted the nomination of President and is leading our team to another great year!

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(210) 422-8763

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