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KC's Kids

Our Pick
Date: Sept 03, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Never Ending Smiles

The sound of the carnival rides and kids screaming with joy. The smell of hot dogs, funnel cakes and cotton candy! Those are some of the fun things we remember from our childhoods at the Kendall County Fair.

Some kids are not as lucky. Challenges make it hard for them to enjoy the fair. This is the 3rd year the Directors of the Kendall County Fair are hosting KC Kid's to bring never ending smiles to the faces of some very special Kendall County kids. With the help of our mascot KC the Cowboy and other volunteers, the Directors will be setting aside some time on Friday, September 3, the morning before the Fair officially opens to welcome KC's Kids.

There will be rodeo events, interactions with animals, special shows, games and a Cowboy lunch. Each child will be assigned a Buddy to share in the fun and assist them for the day.

For more information contact Patti at specialevents@kcfa.org.

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