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Homemade Salsa Contest

Date: Aug 30, 2019

We were excited to bring you the 1st Annual Homemade Salsa Contest! We are looking forward to the excitement and lots of different recipes with very different tastes! Whether it’s your grandma or grandpa’s recipe that’s been in the family for centuries or one you created yourself, we love to see your entry trying for the bragging rights!

Do you think YOU can win this year’s event or know someone that could? Then sign up in 2019 contest! We are excited to have you and the judges will be waiting for your Homemade Salsa!

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Frost Bank - Boerne

Official Rules


Green, Red, Hot, Or Mild It's Up To You!

Please remember judges taste your Salsa, so don't make your Salsa so HOT the judges can't taste the Salsa.

  1. Contest is open to all residents of Kendall County and must be prepared by exhibitor as entered.
  2. A $5.00 Entry Fee Per Exhibitor. (Non-Refundable Entry fees collected fund the Homestead Heritage Exhibit Hall Scholarship Program).
  3. The first twenty (20) entries will only be accepted for judging.
  4. Salsa must be homemade from scratch. All entries will be refrigerated until judging and People’s Choice judging.
  5. Can enter more than one Salsa into the contest as-long-as a different recipe.
  6. All Salsa entered must submit the recipe used for the entered Salsa. Recipe must be typed or legible hand-written or printed on ingredient list form. Entrants name must not be listed on the Ingredient List Form.
  7. 7.All Salsa entries must be in clean PINT MASON JARS. Lids must be rust free.
  8. Applicant is required to bring TWO (2) PINT MASON JARS of Salsa. (Salsa entered must be in a PINT MASON JAR).
    • One (1) pint for main judging and
    • One (1) pint for People’s Choice judging.
    • All mason jars will be returned to competitor after close of contest judging.
    • For food safety reasons, all entries not consumed by spectators during the People’s Choice judging will be disposed of. Only the mason jars will be returned to the competitor(s).
  9. All Salsa entered for judging main or People’s Choice will be labeled with entry number only.


  • Friday-August 30,2019
  • From 8 am till 1 pm
  • Homestead Heritage Exhibit Hall.


  1. Judging will be closed judging. Closed judging is done in a private area, where only the judges are allowed. Judging will begin at 6:00 P.M. on Friday-August 30,2019. Winners will be announced immediately after judging.
  2. The Kendall County Fair Association will select a panel of judges of whom will judge entries equally based on the following criteria:
    • Aroma
    • Color
    • Flavor
    • Heat
    • Texture.
  3. Judges will use the scoring scale point system of 1-5 (With 5 being the highest point) to access entries with a perfect score of 25 points. Scoring will be the sole responsibility of the judges and the results will be final. Judges score sheets will be available to all competitors upon request after contest is over and winners have been announced.
  4. All Winners are required to attend a photo shoot after the contest.
  5. Placement Awards:
    • First Place-$50.00 Plus Rosette Ribbon.
    • Second Place-$35.00 Plus Rosette Ribbon.
    • Third Place-$25.00 Plus Rosette Ribbon.
  6. All Competitors not placing will be awarded a Participate ribbon.
  7. Winning entries determined by the judging results are Final.


Tasting chips will be provided to individuals participating in the People’s Choice Judging.

  1. People’s Choice judging will begin at 6 pm on Friday, August 30, 2019 and is open to the public.
  2. One ticket will be passed out to individuals participating in the People’s Choice Judging to cast a vote.
  3. Tickets will be counted at the end of allotted time for judging and winner will be announced.
  4. Winner will receive a Rosette and a $20.00 Cash Award.
  5. In case of a tie, judging individuals will be presented another ticket for another round of voting between the tied entries. Only the tied entries qualify for another round of judging.
  6. Winning entry determined by the People’s Choice judging results are Final
  7. Winner is required to attend a photo shoot after judging is completed.
  8. Award:
    • Winner-$20.00 Plus A Rosette Ribbon.


Marilyn Culak
Kendall County Fair Association
c/o Exhibit Hall - Marilyn Culak
PO Box 954
Boerne, TX 78006

Phone: (830) 249-2839

Email: kmculak@gvtc.com

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